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Bridge Team Manager

Summary of Context

The Lisbon Project’s mission is to build a community that integrates and empowers refugees and migrants. The Bridge Team’s role in this is to support community members get integrated through increased understanding of their specific paperwork and empowered through more generalised workshops that increase knowledge of Portugal and their rights within it.

We aim to have 1:1 Bridge Team drop-in support available any time the Lisbon Project is open so that community members always have a warm and welcoming place where they can talk through their bureaucratic questions and be accompanied, equipped and encouraged as they work out the next steps they need to take.

Bridge Team volunteers are not experts and they do not “casehold” or take on ongoing responsibility for community member’s situations after the drop-in session. Most community members benefit significantly from simply having a native Portuguese speaker alongside them as they navigate basic bureaucratic processes but, where the administrative or legal situations are more complex, community members are signposted to more specialist services outside of the Lisbon Project. We are currently in the process of recruiting a selection of experts to provide adhoc advice to volunteers as they respond and re-direct community members navigating more complex processes.

Essential Duties and Responsibilities

As a Bridge Team Member:

  • Become a part of the Bridge Team Drop-In timetable: attending the LP, wearing the team lanyard and making yourself available for community member drop-in sessions. Use LP time not sat with community members, to produce content for the AdminHub (community information platform about administrative processes.)

  • In drop-in sessions, work collaboratively with community members: exploring the administrative issues they are navigating and working out the next steps with them. Do this in a way that equips the community member with the knowledge, vocabularly, tools and confidence to undertake the same or similar processes by themselves in future.

  • Remain an active and communicative part of the team; supporting collective learning and development through:

    • identification of monthly community workshop topics

    • development of AdminHub content

    • even potentially presenting an informal information session (workshop) if they cover an area you are knowledgeable in

    • ongoing evaluation and development of team processes and systems

As Bridge Team Manager:

  • Leading recruitment and supervision of Bridge Team, including monthly team meetings

  • Coordinating and leading development of the AdminHub  

  • Supporting in the organisation of monthly community workshops provided by the Bridge Team


As a Bridge Team Member:

  • Fluency in Portuguese and English is required; knowledge of other community languages is highly desirable

  • Qualifications, studies or experience relating to social work or law

  • Familiarity with Portuguese administrative systems highly desirable

  • Qualifications, studies or experience relating to social work or law highly desirable

  • Experience in intercultural communication and/or with communicating with people in vulnerable situations highly desirable

  • Required ability to work independently but in active communication with team members and supervisors

  • Highly desired experience of managing expectations and communicating boundaries clearly

  • Required commitment to serving migrant communities with care and compassion

As a Bridge Team Manager:

  • Experience in leadership or management roles highly desirable

  • Particularly strong organizational skills and attention to detail


Time Commitment: required minimum of 3 days per week, for a minimum of six months; highly desired more than this!

Intern reports to: Social Care Director

We can’t do it without you! Thank you for being a part of our team.

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Summary of context The Lisbon Project's mission is to build a community that integrates and empowers refugees and migrants. The Bridge Team's role in this is to support community members get integrate


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