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I           Benevolence Program

The Lisbon Project is a non-profit association that accepts donations from a variety of donors with the aim of meeting the material needs of our community. Donations are a responsibility of the Benevolence Program, which runs four different activities to ensure that the donations that we receive reach our community members free of cost. These activities include two main distribution events: a monthly Saturday Pop-Up Store, and monthly distribution of Baby Supplies- and one activity to provide punctual requests for items- Specific Items Requests.


II          Description of each activity

  • Saturday Monthly Pop-Up Store- A big-size Pop-Up store that displays all the donated items that reach the Lisbon Project and that takes place on the last Saturday of each month.

  • Baby Supplies- Provides baby care goods to a selection of 50 babies once a month.

  • Specific items request- An initiative that seeks to provide our community members with specific items they have requested as they become available for donation.


III         Conditions for donation

  1. All donations must go through the Benevolence Program Manager. Contact +351 924 789 971 or to arrange a drop-off.

  2. All donations are stored in the Social Store or, in the case of big items, at another address waiting to be collected.

  3. The Lisbon Project may deny donations if:

    1. they do not match the community members’ needs at that moment,

    2. there is not enough storage space in the Social Store, or 

    3. the donated items are not in accordance with our donation policy.

IV         Donated goods

  1. We accept any donated item that contributes to our community members' well-being, safety, and protection.

  2. We do not accept items in bad condition (e.g., with stains, broken, incomplete pieces, not working properly, or dangerous use).

  3. We do not accept any type of underwear (e.g., bras, socks, boxers, etc), except if they have tags on.

  4. We do not accept swimwear, except if they have tags on.

  5. We do not accept food donations.

  6. We do not accept hygiene products. 




DONATE BABY SUPPLIES (0-2 YEARS OLD) – We only accept donations of unopened and unexpired products.

  1. Diapers (any size)

  2. Baby Wipes

  3. Baby Shampoo/Bath gel

  4. Baby Moisturiser Cream

  5. Nappy Cream

  6. Powder Milk

We also accept vouchers for Baby Supplies and, due to limited storage space, we encourage this form of donation.





At the moment, the Lisbon Project has no storage space or way of transporting big items from the donor’s location to our community members’ homes. We kindly ask our donors to arrange the drop off at the interested party OR to keep the big item stored in an appointed location while the interested party arranges transportation.

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