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Support and Information

More than 10 million civilians have fled Ukraine because of the Russian invasion, according to the United Nations (UN).


The Lisbon Project stands with the many who are fleeing in the search of safety and peace. Our hearts break for the pain being inflicted on millions of Ukrainian men, women and children.

We are paying close attention to all the developments regarding the Portuguese Government’s policies to embrace Ukrainian refugees, as well as the response from several NGO’s to this humanitarian crisis.


As an organization, the Lisbon Project’s focus is on building community and creating opportunities for people to connect as they gain knowledge about life in Portugal, participate in our various activities and seek access to services. If you are interested in our support, you can request to register with us by completing the form on this page of our website.

Once registered, you will be connected to our communication platforms and able to sign up for activities such as:

  • Pop up store – monthly event where you can collect clothes, household items and baby items (nappies, wipes, etc)

  • CV Clinics – weekly activity where you have support of volunteers to create/translate your CV

  • Skills training – employment workshops and different skills training courses

  • Legal Clinics – weekly session with a lawyer where you can seek advice

  • Language classes – Portuguese and English classes for adults and children

  • Youth & Kids Explore – various activities for children and teenagers in order to connect with other children in a fun environment

  • Health Clinics – various weekly sessions with health professionals in different areas (Psychology, Gynecology, Chiropractic, Art Therapy, etc)

  • And many others!

Important Note: Most of our services are volunteer led so it is important to note that there may be some delay in accessing them due to the high demand. We promise to work as fast as possible to support you. Thank you for understanding!

For now, even before you’re registered, we would love to welcome you to our regular community event Family Fridays (weekly 4 – 7pm), which is an opportunity to meet other people in Lisbon, connect, have a coffee and tea and relax in the company of good friends :)

Note: This activity is temporarily suspended due to renovations in our facilities.

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