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Fazer a diferença,

uma vida de cada vez!

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No Lisbon Project esforçamo-nos para disponibilizar programas de alto impacto e eficientes para apoiar migrantes e refugiados. E em tudo o que fazemos, o nosso foco está na criação de comunidade.




Learning the language is one of the most important steps to integrating successfully into your Portuguese life.

In our Education programme, we aim to provide you with multiple opportunities for learning Portuguese and/or English through group and one to one lessons. We also aim to support children in the Lisbon Project community getting the most they can from mainstream schooling.

Portuguese Classes

Portuguese classes for adults. Levels A1 and A2.

Homework Club

Tutoring sessions with school aged kids to help them with their homework and help them with other aspects of integration in the Portuguese school system.

Brincar com Palavras

Informal language classes for kids aged between 6 years old and 16 years old.

Portuguese Speaking Club

Informal Portuguese classes focusing on speaking. Levels A1, A2 and B1.


Computer literacy classes (how to access the internet, emails, how to use certain services like Google slides, etc.)

English Speaking Club

Informal English classes focusing on speaking. Levels A1, A2 and B1.

Creative Saturday

Creative activities for kids aged between 6 and 16 years old.


Finding a job is essential to establishing financial security and integrating into the local community.

We want you to present your skills and experience clearly so that employers in Portugal will quickly see the value you add. We are here to enhance your chances of being hired by sharing opportunities we become aware of and offering services of CV editing and employment courses.

Skills Development Sessions

Meet with a volunteer for an individual session to improve skills that can help your search for a job (i.e., writing a CV, how to write a cover letter, search for jobs online, use LinkedIn platform, prepare for job interviews, etc.). If you need a CV, after the session we will also prepare one for you.

Career Services

The employment team, together with partners, promotes some external opportunities like professional courses/training or job applications, targeted to people who match the skills and requirements.

Employment Workshops

Monthly workshops, given by specialists, on employment topics such as job interviews, job search, self-employment, how to start a business, etc.

Entrepreneurship Support

Support community members´ businesses with advertisement and promotion tools, offer guidance and training (to be announced).


Upon entering a new country, legal status is at the top of the priority list.

Our goal is to provide legal and administrative support to CMs navigating their legal rights and bureaucratic processes.

Legal Clinic

Thirty-minute meetings with pro bono lawyers where you can clarify any legal questions.

Legal/ Administrative Factsheets

Factsheets on specific legal and administrative questions written as an FAQ with the purpose of supporting Community Members solving certain issues on their own.

Bridge Team Clinic

Meetings with Bridge Team volunteers where you can receive support in accessing Portuguese administrative requests related to NIF, SEF, driving, health, finance, etc.

Legal Workshops

Spreading awareness on specific issues and challenges experienced by our CM


In our Benevolence Program, we try to search for quality donations to meet the material needs of our community.

We help with accessing affordable or free items such as clothes, furniture, home appliances and toys.

 Pop–Up Store

A big display of free options of clothing for all ages, household items, furniture and toys.

Baby Supplies Distribution

Baby supplies kit to support you with baby item like diapers and wipes based on needs assessment

There's only one way TO make the difference: Together!

Join us as we build a community that integrates and empowers migrants and refugees.

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