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Transportation Volunteer

The Benevolence Program is responsible for the management of the donations that arrive in the Lisbon Project – the donated items range from clothing, shoes, toys, books and furniture!

As a Transportation Volunteer, you will be involved in an important part of the benevolence program, picking up and distributing donations. At Lisbon Project we do not have our own transportation vehicle, therefore it is preferred that you have a (sufficient size) car available. We count on you to help us deliver basic needs to our community members. You will be added to a WhatsApp group, whereas the requests for support in transportation will be shared (date, time and item).

You will work closely with the Benevolence Program Manager and specific requests assistant, ensuring that program goals and our community members’ individuals needs are met. Lisbon Project is not able to reimburse expenses.

Essential Duties and Responsibilities

  • Pick up, deliver requested items

  • Communicate with Benevolence Manager, Specific Requests Coordinator and community members

  • Be present and provide guidance and help to any questions community members may have regarding different items


  • Fluent in English; other language skills are valued

  • The candidate must have a car

  • Valid driver's licence B, other licences are valued

  • (sufficient size) Car available is a prerequisite

  • Ability to work effectively both independently and as part of a team with enthusiasm, initiative and creativity.

  • Availability on fluctuating times, weekdays and weekends


  • Working in a team that aims to create impact.

  • Work experience.

  • Develop leadership skills in a dynamic and fun setting.

  • Meeting people from all over the world and getting to know their stories.

Time Commitment: Fluctuating depending on the amount of requests

Volunteer reports to: Benevolence Manager

We can’t do it without you! Thank you for being a part of our team.


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