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The Interviewer Gets Interviewed, Up Close And Personal With The LP’s HR Director

Human Resources is more than just about hiring. In this interview with the Lisbon Project’s HR Director, Eva Neves, we learn about her work, her life and why she decided to join our cause.

Before being a part of our community, Eva worked for the sales department of a multinational company. Needless to say, she had a stable job, a steady income and loved the people she worked with. However, in spite of having a good run in her professional life, she felt like she was bound to do more.

Eva married her husband Tiago 15 years ago and moved to the Algarve, a popular beach destination in the south of Portugal, where they established a life together and served as youth pastors for 5 years. They then decided to move to the UK where Eva took a leadership course for 2 years. Upon completion of her course, she and her husband Tiago decided to come back to Lisbon to establish and lead Vida Lisboa – a Christian church. Eva is blessed with 3 children namely Sara, Sofia and Simão.

Eva Neves came across the Lisbon Project through some friends over 4 years ago. Even during its early inception, she already caught wind of the organization most notably, of founders Gaby and Ruben Faria. “Gaby and Ruben are the Lisbon Project!”, exclaims Eva.

Eva first met Gaby during a conference last year. Since then, they have established a good relationship through their church.

When asked about why she decided to work with the Lisbon Project, she had this to say,

“This makes so much sense. It hit my heart! That’s me! I really wanted to be a part of what the LP is building. It gets me to tears every time I read and see about the things the Lisbon Project has done. It’s a mission to impact lives.”

According to Eva, working with the Lisbon Project is like living out her purpose daily. She aspires to build bridges and connect people. To her, the idea of building a culture into an organization is worth pursuing.

When talking about what her job entails and what she looks for when filling posts, Eva stressed,

“I always look at motives – its way more important than skills. The why matters! If people have the right motivation, good things can foster from it. They will put their gifts in the right environment and that will make them and others flourish. I always like and have preference for people who are proactive. People who care – really care…. Critical thinking is also so important.”

Eva states that the aspect of her job that most captivates her is connecting with people, cultures, and varied tales. She says that she realizes we all share a common mission simply by being around other people.

On a lighter and more personal note, Eva’s heart is warmed by simple hangouts, excursions into nature, enjoyable pastimes, and proximity to the ocean. And in case any LP staff iscurious, Eva’s favorite snack is popcorn!

When asked about her expectations from the organization and message she wants to share with our community, Eva says,

“Let’s build a better world together. The understanding thatpeople from different backgrounds can come together to build something that generates impact on other people’s lives. That to me is so powerful. It’s easy to get stuck in the differences but at the LP we are about focusing on our end goal and benefitting from those same differences – it’s a privilege to create impact.”

Eva is one of the many pleasant individuals you will meet at the Lisbon Project. She flashes the biggest smile and guarantees that she can be approached by anyone.

The Lisbon Project is genuinely thrilled to have her as Director of Human Resources, someone that shares our mission and has an eye for talent that goes beyond the obviousor the necessary.

We look forward to hearing inspirational stories like Eva’s. If you would like to join us as a volunteer, please sign up here: We cannot wait to hear your story!


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