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“The Lisbon Project Is My Home Away From Home” – Meet Adil!

We would like to introduce you to another one of our amazing volunteers, Adil.

Born and raised in the Indian state of Gujarat, Adil grew up as one of three children and studied finances and management in the city of Vadodara. He now works as a business analyst, with his family lending him their love and support every step of the way.

Adil has been living in Lisbon since March 2021, primarily guided by the desire to position himself on the European job market. However, his new home has since come to offer him so much more.

“Lisbon is a very beautiful city, full of international culture and people, which is what appealed to me about moving here,” he tells us.

When he arrived in the city, his cousin put him in touch with a local organisation that offers Portuguese classes. This was an invaluable recommendation because it not only connected him with the LP community but also gave him the opportunity to help other people.

Adil joined the Lisbon Project initially as a beneficiary, but soon took over the role of facilitator, welcoming and registering new members of the community. Besides working as a facilitator, he has also volunteered at the kids’ summer camp, while also helping out at other outings and events. “The Lisbon Project is now my family in Portugal,” he says.

Adil is passionate about his job, but he’s also keen to achieve a work-life balance. He recently participated in the LP Modatex course, which gave him the opportunity to learn Portuguese, and also took part in our coding course.

Through the Lisbon Project, Adil has connected with people from all around the world, who have each treated him like a family member. Now, the LP is his home away from home. He loves the culture and atmosphere at the Lisbon Project, and how everyone is treated equally there. Whenever he comes by after work, he’s always given the opportunity to meet new people, and get to know them over a coffee.

For Adil, adjusting to life in Portugal hasn’t been quite as difficult as he had anticipated, largely due to the similarities with the weather in India, and also because he has been able to receive the support of the LP family. He’s also a big fan of pasteis de nata and Bolo de Rei!

Finally, Adil would like to offer a little sound advice to anyone struggling to adapt to life in Portugal: register with the Lisbon Project. “You will enjoy the family atmosphere here and thereby enjoy the Portuguese life better”. He highlights the following events and activities: Workshop Wednesdays, Family Friday, kids’ sessions, women empowerment sessions, health sessions, Portuguese classes, the pop-pp store, Peak Training, football club, ping-pong club.

We are so grateful to have Adil as a part of our community, and we look forward to following his progress as he continues on his new journey. If you want to meet Adil, you can find him at our Wednesday Workshops, where he’s always happy to have a chat with you.


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