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Children Of Immigrants Residing In Portugal For One Year To Be Granted Birthright Citizenship

Citizenship laws are going to change. Portugal will recognize the right to Portuguese nationality for children born in within national territory who are children of immigrants who have had Portuguese residency for one year, reported Publico this Tuesday. In addition, Portuguese nationality will be returned to Africans from former colonies that lost it in 1975 because they’d lived in the country for less than five years.

These are some of the alterations proposed by the PS (Partido Socialista) to the bills dealing with citizenship law, presented by the PCP (Partido Communista Português) and the PAN (Partido dos Animais e Natureza), and approved by Parliament at the end of 2019.

PCP’s bill, unveiled in December of last year, determines that to have Portuguese nationality, both parents of the child would be residents of Portugal, eliminating the two-year term that currently exists.PCP’s most recent proposal sets this deadline at one year, which is below the current law three-year waiting period, but longer than the communist party’s proposal. “The concept of ‘jus solis,’ is typical Portuguese legal tradition for children of immigrants with one-year residence” confirmed Constança Urbano de Sousa to the newspaper. This “is the most important and essential amendment” to citizenship law that will otherwise maintain the same requirements of the current government in granting nationality to foreigners, she explained.



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