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Employability Activities Coordinator

The Lisbon Project is a non-profit organization aiming to protect and integrate the lives of migrants and refugees in the city of Lisbon.

We are currently seeking interns to assist in the employability program. This includes, the processes of welcoming, guiding and track-keeping of beneficiaries registered to the employability program.

As the Employability Activities Coordinator, you will be responsible for the overall activities of the Employability Program, bringing new ideas and implementing successful strategies for growth. You will also organize and oversee workshops and group coaching sessions aligned with the Lisbon Project’s empowerment goals and fitting to our community needs and interests. These activities happen frequently, and involve a set of planning, logistics, communication and event coordination. You will have the chance to apply your entrepreneurship, employability and event organization skills in a dynamic setting, explore your creativity and network with different professionals who will deliver the workshops, as to learn more deeply about the employment reality for migrants and refugees in Portugal.

Essential Duties and Responsibilities

  • Arrange, organize and facilitate employability activities, such as workshops, group coaching, and entrepreneurship sessions

  • Map out plans, scheduling and budget for each activity.

  • Keep a regular communication with community members about activities and other initiatives

  • Manage communication before, during and after activities with the external facilitators, when applicable.

  • Manage all the activities logistics (spaces, food, sign-ups, volunteers' participation and attendance).

  • Work with Employment Program Team to conduct community training needs assessment and identify skills or knowledge gaps that need to be addressed.

  • Research and recommend new and innovative skill-training courses and workshops.

  • Attend external events related to entrepreneurship and employability initiatives

  • Gather feedback from volunteers and community members after each activity.

  • Support the Employment Program Manager and Career Development Coordinator in finding, establishing and maintaining partnerships for activities.

  • Work with the entire Employability team to, when applicable, refer a beneficiary to an employment opportunity or other Services.

  • Work with Employability Program Manager to find functional and smart solutions to problems that may arise.


  • Fluency in English

  • IT skills

  • Facilitation skills

  • Creativity and strong implementation skills.

  • Excellent verbal and written communication skills.

  • Strong organizational skills and preferred events organization experience.

  • Friendliness (you must be a people person and eager to help!)

  • Cultural awareness and ability to interact with people from different cultures, genders and religious backgrounds.


  • Networking opportunities - getting connected to partner institutions, philanthropists and people of all backgrounds 

  • Contribution to social impact – self-fulfillment and personal growth in pursuing a valuable cause 

  • Knowledge growth – learning about immigration related processes, contexts and realities as well as other NGO related topics in Portugal 

  • Multi-tasking – having the flexibility to work with different departments and teams, growing in the knowledge and experience of each as well as developing diverse skills to meet the needs presented 

  • Free tea and coffee (like all day long)! 

  • Working with a super A-level team

Time Commitment: 20-30 hours/week, in a hybrid model (at least 2x per week at the office). Minimum commitment of 6 months.

Start Date : As soon as possible

Intern reports to: Employability Manager

We can’t do it without you! Thank you for being a part of our team

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