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Information About Social Integration Income (RSI – Rendimento Social De Inserção)

This page is a summarised and translated version of the original Portuguese document on 02/Apr/2020. For further information visit:

What is it? This is a fund destined to protect people that find themselves in a situation of extreme poverty defined by:

  • A financial instalment to ensure their basic needs are met

  • An integration plan (made of actions established within an agreement according to the conditions of the individual or family, aiming towards a social, professional and community integration).

What are you entitled to? If you live alone – the sum of their monthly income cannot be equal or greater than 189,66€. If you live with family – the sum of the family’s monthly income cannot be equal to or greater than the maximum value of RSI – calculated according to the composition of the family. The maximum value of RSI corresponds to the following numbers for each family member: Recipient189,66€ (100%) of the RSI valueAdult recipient132,76€ (70%) of the RSI valueUnderage recipient94,83€ (50%) of the RSI valueConditions to access the RSI Access to the RSI income depends on the value of your assets (bank deposits, obligations, certificates of savings, etc) not superior to 26145,60€. They will evaluate all your sources of income and evaluate if it is sufficient.

What are the requirements to access the RSI?

  1. Legal residence in Portugal

  2. Be in a situation of extreme poverty

  3. Assume the formal commitment (through a contract) of following an integration plan through the availability for employment, training or other forms of integration that are relevant.

  4. Be 18 years old or more

  5. Be registered in the Centro de Emprego (employment center) in the area where they live if they are unemployment but can work

  6. Authorise Segurança Social to have access to all relevant information in order to evaluate the socio-economic situation (this declaration is included in the application form when applying for the RSI)

  7. If you are unemployed due to your own initiative (without just cause), you may only ask for RSI one year after the date that you became unemployed.

  8. Applicant cannot be benefitting from other social programs designated to asylum seekers or refugees.

Where to go?

Segurança Social – Make an appointment using this link: marcação on-line or call to 300502502 between 09:00 and 18:00 (calls are charged). When you call you must choose option 2 – subsidies e prestações.

Necessary Documents:

  • Valid ID of the person applying and all the family members

  • NIF

  • Photocopies of previous salary receipts from three months before if salaries were regular

  • Residence card

  • Application Form (

Sometimes necessary:

  • Document that evidences enrolment in school or internship (for children or adults if applicable)

  • Declaration from IEFP (employment centre) stating that applicant is not able to work

  • Medical declaration regarding to pregnancy

How to receive the fund? Voucher sent by mail (CTT) or Bank Transfer

Period of time This fund is given for a period of 12 months, renewable, as long as conditions don’t change.


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