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Residence Permit Renewal

Great news for those awaiting SEF’s response regarding their residence permit: you can now RENEW it online through SEF’s website.

How does the online system work?

In order to renew your residency permit online, you must first register on SEF’s portal. Once you are registered, it is then time to start the renewal request (

The above link will take you directly to the residency permit renewal section of the portal.

In this first part you should select the type of renewal you fall under.

Once the modality (type) of renewal has been identified, just follow the step by step process and fill in the information requested on the website. Upon completion of the renewal application, a payment bill and reference will be automatically generated.

The stated amount can only be paid 48hrs after the bill has been generated and it must be paid within 7 days from its time of issue. After the 7 days, if the fee hasn’t been paid, a new payment reference will need to be requested on SEF’s website.

Note: If you are being unsuccessful with the online registration and you keep receiving “error” messages you should contact SEF through their call-center for further clarifications. Not all renewals can be done online and in a few specific cases, the renewal will need to be done presentially at a SEF office.

SEF Center: 808202653 (landline) or 808962690 (mobile number).

by Lenita Bandeira


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