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Championing Women’s Health

Women play an important role in maintaining the health and overall well-being of her communities. However, because of the many roles women play, they too often are focused on the health care of their spouse or children, while neglecting their own needs. But after putting so much energy into caring for the lives of others, it is time women deserve that same level of care toward themselves. At each stage of a woman’s life, there are important preventative health care steps to follow in order to provide early detection of medical problems.

The Lisbon Project partners with a pro-bono OBGYN, Dr. Susana Rego, who consults women in the LP community who request help. Several of our community have been waiting to see a OBGYN for a long time, and Dr. Susana came at the right time! The first session is made at the LP headquarters for an observation, diagnostic, information and evaluation of the urgency of the need. Dr. Susana works closely with a local hospital to give some appointments to our beneficiaries for further diagnostics methods. So far 11 community member have benefited from this health initiative!


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